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Worried about snatch theft, damage,
and failure of your mobile device?

Want to avoid expensive bills for getting it repaired or replaced?

Get protected with MOBISURE from:

  • Snatch Theft & Robbery
  • Accidental & Liquid Damage
  • Mechanical Failure

Sign up now to protect your mobile device!

We have over 1,000,000 customers protected with our protection programs!

Did you know?

Numbers speak louder than words...

  • Over 100,000 phones reported stolen every year in Malaysia!
  • 99% of customers have suffered accidental damage or out of warranty failure!
  • Average cost of repairing a device breaks down is over RM350 and many cannot be repaired!
  • Latest average cost of repairing a damaged smartphone is over RM700! With Mobisure, you're covered from cracked screens to full on smashes of mainboard.
  • Replacement of a new phone can cost up to RM2,500!
  • It only costs RM1 per day to protect your RM2,500 investment.